Client Testimonials

“My family had two great experiences with Lori Hey, painting both portraits of my 2 children. She is such a talented artist. We were amazed on how she could capture their personalities and spirits so beautifully. Working with Lori was pure delight. We strongly recommend this experience to any parent/grandparent investing in a child or adult portrait.”
— Dr. and Mrs. Ashraf Habib, Durham, NC

“Lori Brooks Hey is a very talented and devoted artist. She succeeded in capturing the minute differences between my twin daughters through many photographs that she took, and  masterfully reproduced them on two separate portraits of the girls. Lori is also a very caring person which, coupled with her attention to details and passion for art, makes her a very pleasant artist to work with.”
— Dr. Carlo Tomasi and Mrs. Cristina Guglielmini-Tomasi, Chapel Hill, NC

“I have three wonderful portraits of my children, all done at about age 10. Lori came to our house with all her photographic equipment each time, and combined the professional and the personal to set the kids at ease so they looked relaxed and natural–not an easy feat, especially the portrait that included the cat! She was very helpful when choosing the pose to use for the portrait, guiding me to select the look with the essence of the child, not just the one that looked the most attractive. I treasure these portraits, and highly recommend Lori if you want to really capture your child on canvas.  She really has a gift.”
— Dr. Kari and Mr. Tom Doucette, Carlisle, MA

“My three portraits of my children are my most prized possessions.  They tug at my heartstrings and put a smile on my face every time I look at them.  Lori was so easy to work with and truly captured the essence of my three loves!  Her attention to detail is unparalleled.”
— Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis, Rye, NY

“Working with Lori was a pleasure.  She did a great job capturing precious images of our young boys.  Every time we walk past their portraits, we smile.”
— Mr. and Mrs. Arthur and Caroline Rogers, Durham, NC

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